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Which China?

A question that has been revolving around the world nowadays is, why help China? By saying why help China, it doesn't (and shouldn't) mean helping the People’s Republic of China; instead, it means helping the Republic of China. There are two different Chinas; perhaps you have never heard of this before. One is called the People’s Republic of China and the other is called Republic of China. China has been founded (as a civilization and a race) for a rather long time; there were different era names as China became more discernible. In 221BC, the first dynasty was founded; it was named after Qin Shi Huang (the first emperor of China, etymologically based on the word Qin). The Qin dynasty was one of most significant kingdoms in the Orient. The Republic of China was founded in 1911 by Dr. Sun Yat-sen. During this period of time, China was a relatively wonderful country (as could be attested to by the fact of a mass expatriate presence in cities such as Shanghai and Nanking), with an impressive governing system. Most importantly, China was not at this time governed by a ruthless leader. Tragically, the power of the Republic of China slowly diminished after Sun Yat-sen’s death. Communists took over mainland China piece by piece; by the year 1949, the Republic of China had shrunk to a size of a small island also known as Taiwan. Today, the Taiwanese are still proud to be holding up the flag of the Republic of China. They hope that one day they could reclaim the land that first belonged to them. I think we should really help. If the Republic of China were to take back mainland China, people currently living in mainland China would have a better future and most importantly they would have a better lifestyle (in terms of civil liberties and participation in government). I believe that the Republic of China can also help Israel from attacks that have been going on for years. I do not hope for the People’s Republic of China to continue ruling mainland China; it is destroying other countries in very distressing ways such as helping the Arabs to bomb Israel and hoping that once the Muslims come to rule that region of the world, they could exert joint control with the Communists over the masses from East to Middle East. We could help the people by first teaching the young ones on the exact history of mainland China and even go in depth in describing the differences between the Democrats and Republicans. Once children get access to these kinds of information, they would know to help which China, the People’s Republic of China or the Republic of China. By filling Chinese minds with the history of how their country first became and who is doing the right thing, the Republic of China could be back in control of mainland China in no time. Although it might take some time first, but sooner or later, they would know the dark secret of the Communists and most importantly what the People’s Republic of China had been preventing them from learning, such as the existence of the Republic of China, by destroying everything that was related to the nation itself. Qiu Yong-hao, Chinese and Malaysian, is working towards becoming a commercial pilot and will be applying to Indiana University and Purdue University Indianapolis in the fall of 2021. He is also an avid athlete, achieving multiple awards such as a Raffles Campus institutional gold medal for freestyle, a silver medal for backstroke, and involving different activities such as the high jump, the long jump and javelin throws. Qiu hopes the Republicans can use policies to influence the Democrats to be moral. 哪個中國 ? 幹嘛幫助中國,這是環繞全球常聽到的問題。但幫助中國並不意味著幫助中華人民共和國,而是協助中華民國。 世界上有兩個中國,也許您沒聽說過。左為中華人民共和國,右為中華民國。中國從文明和民族角度而言,成立了蠻久。國家崛起的歲月裡,不同年代並有著不一樣的國號。公元前二百二十一年,統一中國的第一個朝代便是秦朝,王者為秦始皇,秦字也納入歐洲語演變成英文名,那秦代在那時也是東方強國之一。 孫逸仙醫生於一九一一年成立中華民國,開啟了相當旺盛的新年代,上海南京等城鎮住著許多歐美移民,國家也存在著令人敬佩的治國系統。最重要的是,國家領導不是蠻橫殘酷的。可惜,中華民國國力在孫文逝世後逐漸衰弱,那在一九四九年間,國家版圖也已縮水至面積小島的臺灣島。如今,臺灣人民自豪勇敢地揮舞著中華民國旗幟,也盼望有一天能夠收復大陸。 我們是該伸出援手的。中華民國收復大陸,大陸人民將會得到更為理想的未來,那在社會權益和參政過程方面也會有著更好的生活方式。我深信中華民國有能力協助以色列抵抗多年來的恐怖襲擊。我不希望中華人民共和國持續地管轄大陸區。共產黨銷毀其它國家,令人納悶,它支配阿拉伯人摧毁以色列,一定是打著與穆斯林合夥稱霸的如意算盤,在東亞和中東地區對人民施壓,所以想要穆斯林勝利。 要幫助百姓,得先教育幼小心靈中國大陸準確的史實,也必須更深一層地解說民主黨與共和黨的不同之處。一旦有了標準的訊息,青少年便會懂得在中華人民共和國與中華民國之間,二中選一。中華民族子弟腦海中必須知道國家當初是怎麼發起的,也必須明白哪一方對,哪一方錯。有這樣的覺醒,中華民國或許很快就能重新執政大陸。也許這起步會存在時間的考量,不過,人民早晚會了解到共產黨的黑暗,遲早明白中華人民共和國一向來瞞天過海阻擾人民的真相,也會得知共產黨銷毀中華民族記憶且否認中華民國存在的欺凌行為。

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