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China Chooses Israel has a mission to bring a true and permanent peace for the sake of the Chinese race in the homeland and the diaspora. The measure of national success goes beyond mere economic markers, and delves more pertinently into the issue of national dignity for the Chinese people. After a hundred years since the revival of the Chinese nation in 1911, we ought to insist on creating a China that is beautiful, a China that is commendable, a China that elicits the admiration and respect of peoples everywhere. 

China Chooses Israel is a Chinese volunteer movement and does not accept donations from non-Chinese, members of the press, and the general public.

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It Starts With Five Individuals, Chinese, Rightist-Conservative, and Pro-Jewish 

"I love Israel and I revere the Jewish people. This is eternal. Nazis and Japs swept the world and massacred six million Jews and six million Chinese, with 14 million other Chinese deaths resulting from that fascism. I do not tolerate actions that sabotage the Israeli republic, and I oppose fascist, Libertarian attempts that demean the Chinese race. We are trying to rescue China from communist governance, not kill off the Chinese people."

— Victor Yong Jen Ong

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Our Movement

Nation 民族

The Chinese Nation Is Sacred And Must Be Restored

The people of China are ancient. Its destiny is modern. Its name is old and new, and she is the Republic of China.

Livelihoods 民生

Advocating Jobs, Cooperation, Industry, Global Exchange

Making life work, upholding life, and defending the peoples of China and Israel. We are rightist-conservative, Republican, and Chinese.

Sovereignty 民權

Everyone Counts

All Chinese persons deserve to speak up for, participate in, and improve sociopolitical developments.


The Jewish People Shall Not Be Silenced

We are Chinese civilians who stand with Israel. 

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The excitement begins at China Chooses Israel


DAUGHTER OF PALESTINE | History, international politics, cultural divide, romance, manipulation, and deception. Get your copy.

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Contact Victor Yong Jen Ong

Taipei ROC | Johor Bahru MYS | Cambridge MA

+60-11-16367789 MYS

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 The Chinese people love Israel!  Victor Yong Jen Ong was online with Hananya Naftali (pro-Likud) as they touched on Malaysia-Israel relations and a revitalized future for the silent majority of Israel supporters in Malaysia.

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Oriental Dynamics, Global Strength: Chinese People Who Love Israel, Jewish People Who Love China

What Pulses At China Chooses Israel:

The China Chooses Israel portal is a unique Chinese pro-Israel endeavor, and a powerful voice for ROC-Israeli alliance. 

China Chooses Israel is a bold response to persecution, Islamist terror, and fraud. Many of the recounts catalogued at China Chooses Israel document the real-life experiences of being Jewish, being Chinese, and being adversely targeted, swindled, or manipulated because of one's racial composition. 



Wang Hui-jun

An important perspective on life and women's wellbeing


Youth Zionism

Bnei Akiva

The Bnei Akiva Jerusalem memorandum on recent events



Ke Wan-ting

Her call to action for a better China



Chen Ai-fung

Ai-fung's reasons for hope in American education



Qiu Yong-hao

Treatises on the noble Republic of China


Israel Advocacy

Hananya Naftali

The transition to normalization between Malaysia and Israel


Ethnic Affairs

World Zionist Organization

Jewish action for justice and good practice


Political Security

Ong Yong-jen (Victor Yong Jen Ong)

Victor's updates on the goings-on in Jewish-Chinese communities

The Asiatic spirit loves Zion and Israel with an overwhelming courage and a resilience defined by virtue, fervor, innocent hopes, and an undying love. 

China Chooses Israel was created in Hanukkah 2021 after Asian authors, including Old China, Older Israel author Victor Yong Jen Ong were persecuted by Fatah and Libertarian operatives based in Arizona. 

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