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What They Did To Us—A Chinese Family Betrayed By Jews In Israel

Assistance rendered to Israel can be fraught with risk and eventual heartbreak. For instance, I gave up life savings for a Jewish organization that claimed it would build a pet center with my father's name for Jewish girls. The organization borrowed the campus of an important orphanage, and filmed there from time to time. Needless to say, I was duped, completely. The charity looked convincing, and was managed by a real Jew walking the surfaces of Netanya city, and streaming live by Zoom videoconferencing. Such is Lev LaLev, led by scammers in Israel, who are "Israeli and Jewish," as self-described by the chief liaison staff herself, Chavi Weiss, sternly, curtly, proudly, in full hearing of Chinese people overseas, on the phone. Lev LaLev has vanished with the monies and severed itself from me, but not before jabbing me with questions as to whether I had more to give. Weiss introduced me to how inadequate my donations were, i.e. "The money isn't even enough for the rental of an Israeli apartment." It is true Weiss has made vehement assertions of racial pride while extorting and taunting me on the phone that day; but what's worse has undoubtedly been the fact her outfit—Lev LaLev—has spent none of the USD55,000 it took on the righteous causes it claimed to represent. I sponsored Jewish weddings, I gave to excursions, I paid for a pet center. That was what Lev LaLev led me to believe.

Chavi Weiss, Lev LaLev

Lev LaLev lied. The precious donations do not reach the Jewish girls and boys at all. The dishonest actions of the Lev LaLev entity, a major and top-level Israeli Jewish charity, have shattered the diaspora Chinese heart. Lev LaLev evidently does not mind being a bully toward Chinese folk, and metaphorically trampling on the name and grave of my father Patrick Ong, an avid Zionist fan who died under Muslim maltreatment. It is obvious Lev LaLev wants the money, and not the friendship. All fifty-five thousand American dollars, painstakingly converted from arduously saved-up Malaysian ringgit (a relatively weak Asiatic currency)—all of these life savings, gone. By all counts, Jewish people ran off with nearly a quarter million ringgit. It is undoubtedly so, that it has been Jewish people who bullied the Ong family. This is the horror. This is the undeserved suffering we are being made to undergo. Such is the injustice. Other Jews Readers will say, 'Victor, ask other Jews for help. They will come down hard on Lev LaLev, so as to restore Jewish dignity, and protect the interracial goodwill you have created.' Alas, I am being shut out by the most respectable Jews in the global community. Forward magazine's Arno Rosenfeld interviewed me extensively, by email, and upon learning every detail, he has since disappeared from contactability as well.

The Jewish Forward magazine

The AMCHA Initiative, possibly based out of Santa Cruz, California, has fallen silent too. These were Jews who swore fealty, declared empathy, wrote with candor and heartwarming closeness, and gave tremendous praise for all that I am as a Zionist who strives in a predominantly Muslim Malaysia. When the travails impacting me were products of Arab deceit, my Jewish contacts corresponded at length with me, and gave me passages and comfortingly beautiful paragraphs. But when news emerged of Lev LaLev's deceit, the responses slowed at once. Being Treated As An Untermensch Today the silence I am being greeted with is deafening, and soul-crushing. Israeli Jewish and Jewish American circles barely write back in response. The words are a trickle, and much of their fervent sentiment and brotherly camaraderie is gone. I plead for their help to bring Lev LaLev to account, but to no avail. The early days of Lev LaLev absconding with 55,000 dollars were apparent as messages went unseen or unanswered. I addressed this communications silence in an appeal to the AMCHA Initiative. The Professor wrote back, in no uncertain terms, and I summarize: Lev LaLev must have its reasons for not updating you, and you Victor should just back off and go see a therapist.

AMCHA Initiative Prof. Tammi Rossman

These horrific developments have happened to just one sweetly innocent Oriental boy. Imagine the scale of the horror on the level of multiple pro-Israel lovers. How many hundreds or thousands of pro-Jewish individuals have been maltreated like this, by persons who are clearly members of the Jewish race.  Herein lies the reason for the longevity of Arab Palestine, even in an age of information connectedness. While no sane person agrees to the concept of Palestine, there appears to be no slowing in the progress of the Arab Palestine movement. It is a leftist project built on Arab supremacy and Islamist radicalism, but there are hundreds of millions of young people around the world who love Arab Palestine nonetheless. The Unbroken Cycle In the worst cases, fans and friends of Israel are spurned and ditched and scammed by Jews, and that sort of persecution motivates a pro-Israel supporter toward eventual support for Arab Palestine. If there is anything the Lev LaLev scam teaches us, it is that. Fraudulent organizations such as Lev LaLev count on public anger of this nature, which they can quickly count up as antisemitism and dismiss outright. The benefit remains, for the funds still reside in the hands of the scammer. Other Jewish organizations, some bona fide and true, hear the public anger, but they class these voices as antisemitic diatribes as well. The truth is forever lost, and the criminals get away unencumbered and free to con yet more people. The only damage thus, is this: they have turned non-Jews who were never antisemitic to begin with, into nervous and broken wrecks. Meanwhile the silence and indifference of good Jews exacerbate the suffering. Downtrodden lovers of Israel, betrayed and ignored, become ripe pickings for the Arab Palestine movement, whose mission is this: "the Jews bully, lie, and cheat, and it is up to the Arab Palestine movement to clear out Israel and build Palestine as a modern replacement." Adolf Hitler's teachings have therefore come full circle in the minds of radical Arabs. These are present-day Nazis who can now say, "Hello world, we told you so. Jews are evil," but Lev LaLev obviously does not care. Chavi Weiss does not want to compute the social ramifications of her international financial crimes. If anything, her actions are egregiously unpatriotic, and constitute treason against the Jewish people.

The Ong family in 2021

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