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Ways to Rescue our Motherland

Many people might be unaware that our motherland is being ruled unethically and even in corruption. The government is using the citizens' capital to finance the government's ideas to control and stop the rightists from having jurisdiction. Many citizens are aware of this, but weren’t given the right from the PRC (People’s Republic of China) to choose government–whether they would like their government to be rightist or leftist–they don’t get their chance to select. There are ways to rescue our motherland. The first thing we must do as Chinese or even outsiders that stay in China, we should stand up at least with bravery and courage, challenge the government with our speech and oppose anything that is done wrong by the governors.  The most effective way to actually rescue the mainland while making the citizens happy at the same time would be to have elections every four years or so. This can give the citizens a chance to choose whether the communists or the nationalists rule the mainland within four years.  Why do I think this would be an effective way to save our homeland, you might ask? This is the most righteous and fair solution where the Chinese citizens can decide for themselves so that there’s no one to blame for. In comparison with what the PRC is doing at the present time, this is the fairest and safest plan out of so many different solutions. How this achievement could come true in the future is definitely through the United Nations. After multiple countries have agreed with and supported this idea, the UN would definitely want the Nationalists and the Communists to have elections amongst themselves in order to decide who rules the mainland. The UN has the power to announce these big decisions but of course, they would also need to have the approval of the Chinese race in order to announce such a big decision. To get freedom for our Chinese race, we must first know exactly what the problem is and how to resolve it.

The other way is of course through violence but we obviously are not able to win. The PRC has one of the most advanced militaries in the world, so having to go to war or even start a world war three in order for the Nationalists to recover the motherland would be unwise which would cause a large amount of deaths to our own race, the Chinese. Many leftist or democratic parties support the way of ruling from the PRC. So we should avoid going onto the battleground. Making the wise choice, remaining on paper would be the smartest and most effective way to have chances of recovering the homeland. It might take years, decades or even centuries; from the year 2021 to maybe even 2100, there’s still a chance, so we should not give up on one of the ideas that can help recover the homeland to a correct way of ruling and method of choosing who rules.  In comparison with different countries, China has around 1.6 billion people. Having an idea of an election, it will be crowded as the Chinese race has a huge population but it would still be alright if we conduct the event earlier and even one month before the four years have ended. The final conclusion to the idea of recovering our homeland is to let the citizens decide which kind of government they want. Either the leftist or the rightist, to avoid any dispute or maybe arguments among the politicians.

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