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Support Swells For Diaspora Chinese Zionists

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

An upswing in support for my household and the righteous mission of defending and securing Medinat Israel (the State of Israel) has come about this week, amidst strong evidence of coordinated terror activity brewing in the pro-Palestine faction based in Malaysia. The World Zionist Organization has assisted in analyzing the situation in Malaysia, and Jewish leaders in West Asia and North America are now boldly at the forefront of advocating for the safety and security of pro-Jewish individuals in the eastern hemisphere.

The Ong family, diaspora Chinese

Fatah-financed terror operatives in Malaysia have egregiously threatened life and limb and the overall safety of minorities and non-Muslim peoples in Malaysia. Professional agents of urban terror, homegrown or domiciled in this tropical country, have chosen to vehemently target me, members of the Ong family, friends of China Chooses Israel, and many Orientals and Asians who love Zion and the Jewish nation. To combat the simmeringly violent latency of the pro-Palestine movement, China Chooses Israel thrives unabated, undaunted, and unwavering in the mission to secure Chinese hearts even when these hearts are seized upon by fear. Fear created by the vicious threats issued by radical Islamists and Malay-Arab extremists cannot be allowed to take permanent hold of the Chinese psyche. The diaspora Chinese community of 11.5 million individuals in the Malaysia-Singapore region can live unafraid, assured that the State of Israel is watching; there shall be no convenient mobilization for the crafty ways of pro-Palestine operatives. Palestine supporters aim to terrorize the diaspora Chinese, in order to force mass submission to the Arab supremacist and radical Islamist agendas. The goal of the Palestine program is to destroy the Asiatic identity of tropical Malaysia, and eliminate the unique Pacific Malaysian roots of the Muslim Malay ethnoreligious community. In short, radical Arabs want to Arabize the Malays and absorb Malaysia into a radical Global Arabia. The goal of moderates worldwide is the same: to raise Arabs to a modern civilizational impetus, free contemporary Arabs from radical influence, and foster Israeli and Arab understanding. Therefore, the work of a love for all peoples, sociopolitical devotion, and focuses on development and economic strength define the diaspora Chinese, moderate Muslim Malays, and rightist-conservative Indians. Southeast Asia will not be the new launchpad for Fatah and Hamas trajectories.

Additional memoranda

[April 4, 2022 update] Important note: The Rabbi Marc Rubenstein and President of B'nai Chaim Tracy Nusbaum have exhibited Caucasian supremacist and anti-Chinese attitudes, and have sidelined the Ong family. Rubenstein insists he prefers to keep his community Caucasian. Rubenstein and Nusbaum admit to being non-Jewish, and the Rabbi specifies he is German.

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