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Republican Position: The Coronaviruses Are Natural

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

The idea that the Covid-19 virus and its variants are engineered, synthesized, or manufactured is bogus. The coronaviruses are not manmade, and their occurrence is neither a release, a leak, or a launch. This pandemic is not biowarfare, not even in the slightest. There is no medical evidence at all that the viruses are artificially cooked up. All talk of human ingenuity in its creation has been rhetoric at best. The only intriguing element of the coronavirus crisis is that the Mounib-Joudeh Arab family in Malaysia knew there was going to be a global virus, and knew this as early as November 2019, but they sounded no alarm bells about it. This is not a Sony and Democrat movie on mutants and monsters. The pandemic is not Resident Evil. Neither Caucasians nor Orientals created the Covid-19 contagion. Microsoft did not design bioweapons, and neither did a bunch of atheistic communist scientists. What deserves our focus, therefore, is that there were many leftist families and leftist institutions who knew in 2019 that there was going to be a global health crisis, but they did nothing about it. This is quite like knowing a black plague's coming, but letting it happen anyway. It Is Not Biowarfare, But Death Occurs It is precisely because the coronaviruses are natural, that it is therefore possible to survive it, and highly probable in fact. The natural origin of the viruses is the key reason for the rightist-conservative argument that it is not absolutely necessary to don a mask, unless one is already infirmed or sick, with preexisting conditions or other ailments. A weak bodily constitution will be compounded with the stresses of a coronavirus infection, and grievous suffering and death can occur. The immense death toll cannot be taken lightly. Even when the deaths are between 0.6 and 0.9% of infected persons, depending on statistical collection, the death of any one person is an atrocity per se. Both the very young and the elderly must be granted every precaution helpful in fending off coronavirus. Other age groups should also stay extremely cautious if they are already ill with a flu or possess respiratory ailments. It is sensible for anyone worried about health, to wear a mask or avoid crowds.

Conscious of how an overall state of health determined by near- and long-term factors can mean a win against Covid, health science professionals who are Republicans have been at the forefront of leveraging the variables that equip the human person for a successful fight against the coronaviruses. Republicans were the first to identify existing pharmaceuticals and nutrition regimens, and they cautioned against jumping on the bandwagon of new and rapidly-developed vaccines.

When Politics Meets Corona If these coronaviruses were bioweapons, the international community would have hauled Beijing up to the ICC, and charged the communist government for having launched biological warfare against Chinese people and the nations of the world. Across two hundred countries, in systems that are leftist or rightist, there has been no government, nor citizens' body, that identifies the coronaviruses as war crimes or crimes against humanity. As it stands, it has only been Democrats and Libertarians, that misrepresent what the coronavirus is. They pontificate in one of two ways: 1., they talk about the coronaviruses as planet-killers that will 'end us all,' and 2., they point to the coronaviruses as evidence that big pharma wants to make money, and that the viruses are created or released, in order to sell vaccines. For all intents and purposes, the vaccines as they are are new, and it ought to always be up to the civilian to decide whether vaccination is personally necessary. The Republican position is that the coronaviruses are natural, and that the vaccines exist, but are not absolutely necessary, particularly because there is cause for worry that these drugs would lead to serious side-effects, including death. The Republican position is that it can even be alright to contract coronavirus and recover from it, just like any other natural affliction such as chickenpox, and achieve a degree of immunity that way. Nevertheless, coronavirus has caused deaths, and the death toll is unacceptable. There is no Republican who yearns to get Covid. Rather, it is the levelheadedness of the Republican position which makes it diametrically different from the Democratic and Libertarian ones.

Lying About The Coronaviruses Is Always About Power Knowing a black plague is on its way in, and sounding no alarms can only mean one thing: power. When Beijing knew about the virus and tried to conceal news and shut Chinese people up, it was so as to hold on to power. When Arabs in the biomedical professions knew a virus was making its rounds, they said nothing, because the source/origin was in China, not the Middle East. China's loss of face would give global airtime to the Fatah Palestine Uyghur cause, as a sort of proxy war between Hamas and Fatah. In addition to power play and intra-Palestinian disunity, the silence on the part of personalities and organizations who knew about the unfolding epidemic is centered on power as well. It is powerful to know something in advance, and watch it unfold across the world. They hope for people to panic, and for lockdowns to be instituted, and for economies to crash. Those diabolical leftists cannot possibly win. The coronaviruses do not scare Republicans. Rightist-conservatives help each other, and we keep businesses running and fight to save commerce, our families, and our countries. The mindset is, You Will Not Lock Us Down. Rumor has it that there was already development on a coronavirus vaccine back in 2019. If that's true, it is obvious at least those with the knowledge were doing something to solve the problem. People who choose to count on vaccines are not wrong, and it is sensible to rely on science and logic, and weigh the side effects in relation to one's ability to cope with them. It is equally sensible, and logical, to wait and see, and hope for improved vaccines. Being a late adopter can be wise, and in the meantime it will be necessary to avoid recklessly contracting Covid-19. Keeping away from crowded spaces, nursing existing sicknesses at home and avoiding the office, and eating well and healthily are important precautions. There is one thing Republicans have never done to the pandemic. They have never called it a bioweapon. This is not germ warfare, and the virus is not a product of human innovation. It is a freak of nature, and nature at its cruelest. Throughout this crisis, only the Democrats and Libertarians have proven themselves crueler than a virus. They are in their lies and exaggerations no different from the deceit and concealments of the Communist Party.

With updated reporting on February 23, 2022

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