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Should China Be Saved From Her Errors?

As we know, in this past season, China has been facing an extremely grave predicament: the Novel Coronavirus crisis. In addition to this, China has been encountering developmental disparities and a trade war. So, should we (overseas Chinese, diaspora Chinese and Chinese nationals abroad) be helping China? I believe we should extend a helping hand (in rescuing our motherland from a corrupt administration), because if were not for the Chinese Government's prolonged concealment of the facts of the virus, and leading the people into not having adequate time to prepare against this viral disaster, the virus would not have spread. Gradually, this contagion has extended itself all over the world. It is due to this problem that we have therefore witnessed the closures of many factories, which has impacted a great number of countries. The challenges do not stop there. There are still developmental disparities. China's disparities in development are especially serious. Some areas such as Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin are all relatively more developed. There is ease and convenience in people purchasing and consuming goods and services. On the contrary, there are some rural areas with an especially huge number of poor families. Their medical access and spending power can be said to be somewhat weaker. Moreover, there is that trade war that everyone is talking about. If there comes a day when America moves its factories out of China into India, China's unemployment rate will dramatically increase. The living standards of the people may gradually take a dive. Therefore, I personally feel that we should rescue China; if we did this, perhaps one day citizens of China could be free to create a better country. Ke Wan-ting faces persecution among family relations and popular society for her American-leaning viewpoints, including her pursuit of just histories and her observation that the Communist Party doomed the world with lies and mismanagement. 中國在錯中如何得以拯救 我们都知道在前一段时间里,中国正在面对非常严重的事件,新型冠状病毒。还有中国的发展差异以及贸易战。所以我们应不应该去帮助它们呢? 我觉得我们应该伸出援手因为要不是政府隐瞒了一段时间而导致人们没有及时做一些措施。慢慢的,这个病毒就蔓延到了全世界。也因为这件事导致许多的工厂停工,影响了许多国家。 不止这样,还有发展差异。中国的发展差异特别严重。有些地区像上海,北京,天津都是比较发达的城市。在哪里不管想要买或吃什么都轻而易举。而相反的,像一些乡下的地区贫困家庭特别多。他们的医疗和消费水平会比较低。 还有人们一直在议论的贸易战。要是美国真的把工厂建在印度而退出中国的话,他们失业率也会大大的提升。人们的生活水平可能会渐渐降低。 所以我个人认为我们应该帮助中国,要是我们帮助了他们,说不定哪一天他们也会成为很棒的国家。

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